PrEP prevents HIV - one pill a day

The easiest way to get PrEP is to visit ALFA's partner, MISTR.  Now with ALFA and the help of Mistr you can consult securely online with a licensed physician and complete all required PrEP lab testing at home. Insurance or no insurance we can help you get on PrEP!
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What is PrEP?

PrEP is a daily medication that can reduce your risk of contracting HIV by more than 90%.

Who should take PrEP?

People who are at high risk of contracting HIV may benefit from PrEP. 

Some examples are:

  • a person who has a sex partner who is HIV positive

  • a man who has sex with other men, especially if you are a man of color

  • a person who has a sex partner of unknown HIV status

  • women of color

  • a person who has had a STI in the last 6 months

  • a person who sometimes chooses condomless sex

  • a person who uses intravenous drugs

  • a person who is transgender

  • sex workers

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